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Phenotypic Drug Discovery Solutions

Achieve in vivo quality insights with the speed and ease of an in vitro assay.

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Cell-based Drug Discovery Solutions

Access the largest portfolio of pre-made, optimized and validated cell lines for the screening of GPCRs, Interleukins, Kinases, Nuclear Hormone Receptors, Checkpoint Receptors and more.

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Biochemical Drug Discovery Solutions

Achieve precise, reproducible and quantitative measurements of interactions between test compounds and your target protein with DiscoverX’s proprietary active-site/ligand binding technologies.

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About Us

DiscoverX Corporation is the leading supplier of innovative cell-based assays and services for drug discovery & development. The industry-leading portfolio of products and services, under the KINOMEscan®, PathHunter® and BioMAP® brands, enable rapid development of safe and effective biologic and small molecule drugs from early discovery through preclinical development. DiscoverX solutions empower drug discovery researchers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic laboratories with increased research productivity, effective screening methods, and improved lead optimization & bioanalytical programs.

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